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            About Us
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            Hebei Aotai refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & T), located in Fucheng, Hebei Province Economic Development Zone, in 2014, Hebei provincial key construction projects, projects with a total investment of 12.5 billion yuan. Company covers an area of about 400 acres, a total construction area of about 140000 square meters. Mainly production auto parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery fittings and air conditioner compressor parts, machinery parts and other industrial equipment, accessories, etc., is one of the domestic professional gray iron, ductile iron castings manufacturers.

            A & T, an investment 3 billion yuan, main equipment: Danish disa 131-X-400 molding line and DISA131-X sand treating system of, American inductotherm 4500KW 6T intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, equipped with industry-leading instrumentation: German spike Spectrolab M11 high performance direct reading spectrometer, Taiwan Philip of HT-2101*300KN universal material testing machine, metalloscope.

            Haas processing center, South Korea’s Hyundai WIA vertical machining center and horizontal machining center, and automatic numerical control processing equipment, the number of units

            The two phase and three (2016) of the construction are being planned for the introduction of Danish horizontal and ACE static modeling lines. Current annual output of up to 20000 tons, the three phase of the two period of production, the annual output of up to 80000 tons or more.
            A&T technology is based on the Hebei University of Technology, is its research base, Hebei University of Technology, the company provides a long-term technical support. At the same time, A&T also hired a well-known domestic enterprises with rich experience in the management of the engineers and management personnel. The company has a strong R & D team, the existing professor 3, associate professor 5 people, doctoral degree, and more than 20 people.

            A&T the introduction of digital management system and intelligent management system, the production process can be monitored and optimize the production process. At the same time, the company imported ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, throughout the entire production process, to create the first digital and intelligent integrated plant.

            Since the establishment of the company in line with energy saving and environmental protection, the basic concept of low carbon, and strive to achieve from the traditional foundry industry to digital, intelligent integrated casting industry. Bingzhe "integrity, pragmatic, refinement, innovation," a principle of service, and in the course of the construction of the project process management, detailed specifications, implement process strictly, focus on the development and creativity. The company has broad market prospects, strong technical force, to provide customers with high quality products and sound after-sales service.
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